About Us

A & G Price “Da” pilot

 Glenorchy Models is an “artisan” supplier of a range of 1:34 scale railway model kits, which appeal to the “peculiar” tastes of the GM “crew”.

[And now available to others with a similar “taste” for items from the NZ railway scene.]

Three ranges of “limited-run” kits “with aplerm” are being developed, {as long as the finances hold out !!}:

  • “Appurtenances”— based on “stuff” with which to “dress-up” the line-side scene; ( see the RN van below)
  • “Perambulators”— a select cast of “oil engines” & steam locos, of the petite variety, usually to run on 3’6” gauge track;( like the A & G price Da above)
  • “Bildins” – a series of structure kits (lasered), again of the “miniscule” persuasion, to support those “main players”.

STOP PRESS NEWS: after considerable soul searching, significant debate and research on the topic, the “mingement” of GM et Fils has decided to forsake producing model kits in  9MM ( or P9 or 1:34 scale) once the current English Electric Di class loco is ready for production in late 2015. Due to the acquisition of an NZ48 scale modular layout ( Burnett’s Creek) our future plans are being realigned to produce a range of NZR diesel locomotives in 1:48 ( 1/4″to the foot) scale, which we can deploy on the planned extensions to BC’s current four modules. At present our Ruston Hornsby 48 DS class loco has been redrawn from 1:34 to 1:48 and a pilot model produced, with enhanced etched detail; etch work on pilots for a Drewry Ds and a GE Dh are also underway in 1:48, with research on suitable drive mechanisms and tests of RP detail parts planned; the EE Di and the BTH Dsc classes of locos are also likely candidates for this ongoing “downsizing” drive.

A “RN” van