or  – “Frequently Asked Questions…”

Question 1 ……  Why use the scale of 9 mm (1:34) ?

Because it’s the scale we model in, [being a “Kiwi”] – besides, its “close enuff” to scales for military modeling (1:35) & UK’s emergent renaissance scale (1:32) for other items.


Question 2  …… Why these particular models ?

The CE selects from prototypes purely on personal whim – items must appeal to us, have operated in the “Middle Island” & are expected to appear in due course on our “G & K SN & Rlwy Cie” layout.


Question 3  ……. Who the heck is Stann ?  Full commentary on the life & times of Stanislaus K Dingby Esq. is planned for a future issue of “Le Monde du Clochmerlot { “unofficial” organ of  Pendarvian Republic } –  on this site.


Question 4  ……  And “Weeduggie” ?

This fine migrant from the Highlands is featured in a “selfie” on GM’s home page – in charge of customer relations – people seem to get his point !!!!


 Question 5 …. What is the significance of the “aplerm” tag?

None really – a wistful tribute to Peter Sellers’ great character Inspecteur Clouseau—who always did things with “aplerm” ( & who frequently travels on the G & K it’s said)


 Question 6 …. What else will be happening at GM ??

Apart from new models ( see “in the tunnel”) plans are to embellish  web-site with additions of (a) music, (b) pictures, (c) “Le Monde du Clochmerlot ”, (stories too racy for  establishment model rail press) (d) “ Pendarves” account of GM’s “demo” layout, to “modern” principles, based on a sponsored “minimum” portable layout in NZMRG  Journal,[ for which there was but one entry].