The Last Essay into P34 – EE’s Di class

08-19 rb (2) b small08-19 br top 2 small08-19 NZR Di Co-Co rb 2 smallBack in 2006, we set ourselves a program to produce etched kits for “small” diesel locomotives in 9MM scale – [6 now available to order- 3 more in pipeline.] With these 0-6-0 & smaller wheeled engines, our intention was to also include two “smallish” locos which frequented “New Munster”, the English Electric “Di” class, & Mitsubishi “Dj” class – plan was to market these somewhat ‘larger’  diesels through Von Strapp Forgings Co-operative. However a “life course change” saw a switch in rail modelling scale allegiance to “NZ48” (1:48 scale models on S scale std gauge track), with a decision to curtail our P34/9MM program, once the EE Di is complete.

A recent trip to these Antipodes by our Yorkshire based designer, Michael Edge, saw the P34 EE Di “pilot” model delivered; the 3 following pictures show the nice job so far.

Several mods are planned to the Di before final production drawings complete, so late 2015 is its target release date. So, NO  9MM Dj or  any more small ‘pipeline” diesels will now be produced by GM.

However the EE Di & several of our “small” diesels may be rescaled progressively to NZ48 scale -[ Ruston 48 DS – pilot test NZ48 version pix at lower left]08-19 br top 2 small

DSCF2396 rh48 1 48 sm